Introducing ECO-Visions


Welcome to our ECO-Visions blog.  ECO- Visions was initiated by Jack Rossi and Sharon Earn. Jack is a landscape architect living in Woodstock, Vermont and Sharon is an environmental designer dividing her time between Toronto, Ontario and Woodstock, Vermont.

We have worked together, as volunteers, on various art and design-related community projects, exploring “sense of place” and quality of life issues in our communities.

We started ECO-Visions with the goal of engaging artists in exploring many of the environmental problems we are facing. We hope, through these art exhibits to raise awareness of these issues, to generate new perspectives and to encourage community engagement in imagining alternative solutions.

We hope you will use this blog to participate in conversations and contribute images relating to the themes of our art exhibits.

The theme for our 2015 exhibit is: Intersections: Our Natural and Synthetic Worlds.

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